It is true that not all the people who visit us in Marbella have the same plans and, therefore, their needs will not coincide either. Now, the most common thing is that they are either tourists who want to spend their holidays here, whether brief or longer, or they are people who visit us for business or professional reasons. There may be many more cases, in which we will find ourselves for family reasons, resolution of official matters, etc., but without a doubt, tourism is the great motivator to reside for a few days, or weeks, in Marbella.

Although there are tourists who want to have a very quiet vacation, spending much of their time in their hotel complex when abundant services are included, the majority want to get to know the city, walk through its streets, shop, enjoy the gastronomy in the numerous restaurants, take a swim on one of the beaches (from the beginning of summer the water begins to have a temperature more suitable for those who cannot stand the cold) or visit nearby cities or the natural environment of Marbella.

Therefore, if we focus on tourists who have less sedentary habits, the reasons in favor of renting a car in Marbella could be some of the following:

Greater comfort, since by not depending on taxis or public transport, the car can be used instantly, and trips can be planned without their duration being a problem. We can also transport purchases, entertain ourselves somewhere, have dinner late at night, and arrive at the hotel in the early morning. We will make the most of our time since we will always have the rental car available.

To visit cities around Marbella. Although the city of Marbella can provide everything a tourist needs on vacation, there are times when you want to visit other places that are equally attractive. This can happen with the city of Ronda, which is a common destination for many tourists, but also with the city of Malaga, or with towns that have complementary attractions, such as Nerja. In short, having a rental car will make it possible for us to take those getaways that will make our vacations more attractive.

Plan longer distance routes. It is common for a tourist who travels to Marbella, as happens with other cities, to have less time available than they would like. Vacations are always too short. So making the most of your time becomes a priority. If you are only going to enjoy a week in Marbella, it doesn’t make much sense to spend half the time on transfers and waiting. However, there are cities that can attract to the point that a visit is considered obligatory, such as Seville, Córdoba, Cádiz or Granada. They are Andalusian cities that attract a multitude of tourists and that, thanks to a rental car, can be visited in one day trips, or at most, two. However, with public transportation it is much more difficult to plan for maximum use.

Movements within the Marbella area. Someday we may want to have dinner at a restaurant that is far from our hotel, or we may want to return to a store to buy something we liked, or we simply want to go somewhere to take a walking tour. Without a rental car, we are going to be much more limited. The tendency for those who do not have a car is to focus on routes that do not take them very far from their hotel. For this reason, the rental car introduces a freedom that will help make the vacation more varied and interesting.

Visits to natural places. If you like to enjoy nature, Marbella also has a lot to offer you due to its unbeatable location. The Sierra de las Nieves is a natural park that was declared a Biosphere Reserve that among its attractions has fir forests. The Sierra de Grazalema park, which is a little further away, has exceptional landscapes. In the Alcornocales park you will find the trees that give the park its name over an enormous area.

How can you rent a car in Marbella?

If you are going to have your accommodation in the city of Marbella, perhaps in one of its hotels, apartments or a private residence, you can visit us at Avenida de Antonio Belón, 6 Ed. Giralda Local 4, Esq. Ramiro Campos Turmo, 29602 Marbella

We will be happy to assist you in our office.

But if you are thinking of renting a car before coming to Marbella, then you have our reservation form at your disposal which you will find on the main page or on several other pages of our website, or if you prefer, you can also call us by phone.

Cafisa Rent a car is a company that has extensive experience in car rental.

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