Rent a car in hotels on the coast of Malaga and Cádiz

One of the services we offer to all our clients is the delivery of rental cars to hotels located on the coast of Malaga and Cádiz. Sometimes, those who decide to spend their holidays in this area of Andalusia prefer that the delivery be made at the hotel, that way they will have the car available when they want to use it.

At Cafisa Rent a car, although we have an office open in the city of Marbella, and we can serve all our clients here, we want to offer them the service that is most comfortable for them. For this reason, to avoid unwanted movements, we are the ones who make deliveries wherever each client requests us.

We work in the tourist cities of the coast. If you have any questions about possible deliveries in any city, please contact us.

Deliveries to hotels, apartments and private homes

We adapt to the needs, or preferences, of each of our clients. If you want us to deliver your rental car to your accommodation, it will be delivered punctually on the day you request.

Deliveries of rental vehicles to accommodation on the Costa del Sol

Cities in which we deliver rental cars

We can deliver rental cars in cities from Malaga airport, including the capital, to Gibraltar.

Malaga Airport
María Zambrano train station in Malaga
San Pedro de Alcántara
San Roque
The Line of Conception
Gibraltar (next to the airport in La Línea)