In the fleet of cars that we make available to our clients at Cafisa Rent a car, we have a wide variety of vehicles, from the smallest to the largest, cars with manual or automatic transmission, and we also include passenger cars, family cars and 8 seater vans.

Each vehicle has characteristics that adapt well to the needs and circumstances of each of our clients. We cannot recommend that a group hire a car from the fun or economic range since the ideal in this case is a family car or a van, just as it would not make sense for someone who wants to rent a car with automatic transmission to consider the advantages of the transmission. manual.

Now, if we are considering renting a car to move within the city of Marbella, or to make short trips to nearby cities, it will be used by one person, a couple or at most a family of 4 members, in In this case, we are going to offer you several reasons why the cars that are within the economical or fun category may be the best, or at least, they may be models that have everything you may need.

Ease of mobility in the old town

The old town of Marbella is one of the most charming areas of the city, characterized by its narrow cobblestone streets and its lively squares such as Plaza de los Naranjos. Although there are areas where you will not be able to travel by car, as they are pedestrian, driving a small car here is significantly more practical than trying to get around with a large vehicle. Streets such as Calle Ancha or Calle Carmen are much more accessible in a compact car, allowing visitors to explore without the worries that accompany larger cars, such as difficulty passing on narrow streets or finding a suitable space to park. Park.

Easier parking

Finding parking in Marbella can be a challenge, especially during peak tourist season. Small vehicles have an obvious advantage here, as they can be parked in more limited spaces and are often easier to maneuver in tight parking spaces. Areas such as the Parque de la Alameda Parking or the Avenida del Mar Parking offer central parking options, but spaces can be quite tight, favoring small cars.

Lower fuel consumption

The small cars that we make available to you at Cafisa Rent a car, such as the Fiat 500, Fiat Panda, or Citroën C3, generally consume less fuel than other larger vehicles, which can translate into significant savings, especially for those who plan to use the car extensively to explore not only Marbella but also the surrounding areas such as Puerto Banús or even take longer trips to nearby cities such as Malaga or Gibraltar.

Less environmental impact

Opting for a smaller, more efficient vehicle also contributes to a lower environmental impact. This is especially interesting in a city like Marbella, where tourism plays a central role and sustainability is increasingly in the spotlight. Driving a small car helps reduce the amount of polluting gas emissions, a small but significant step towards environmental conservation in a region that highly values its natural beauty and climate.

Greater maneuverability and access

The greater maneuverability of a small car makes it easier to explore residential and tourist areas, where the streets can be very busy and parking spaces are usually occupied much of the time, leaving only the smallest spaces. In addition, small vehicles can more easily access areas with traffic restrictions or very congested streets, such as the vicinity of the Paseo Marítimo and Playa de la Fontanilla.

Cheapest rental

Rental costs for a small car are lower than for larger models. This not only includes the rental of the vehicle itself, but also associated costs such as insurance. This represents a considerable economic advantage that allows the traveler to have more budget to enjoy other activities in Marbella. If you want to know what the rental prices are for all our cars, you can consult the reservation area.

In short, renting a small car in Marbella is a very interesting option

Marbella is a city that offers charm both in its compact old town and in its luxurious residential and tourist areas. A small car is the ideal option for those who want to explore the city with comfort, efficiency and economy. From driving through the narrow streets of its historic center to finding parking on the busy Avenida del Mar or enjoying the vibrant nightlife in places like Puerto

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